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Hudson Square's Latest 'Taj Mahal of Salt' Renderings Revealed!

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Today's word that Hudson Square residents have filed suit to stop the construction of the Tower O' Garbage slated for construction on West Street just above Canal Street also brings another very special treat: brand-new renderings of the Taj Mahal of Salt Shed proposed for construction on a small peninsula just below the Garbage Garage. Check out the new-look in the photogallery above, the collaborative work of Dattner Architects and Weisz + Yoes Architecture—they've got a trendy green roof and everything! And an exterior design they're not afraid to compare to the New Museum! Cost of the salty Taj: $10.205 million.

Our operative writes: "Your friends at Hudson Square are dreading the approval of a $10.205 MM Salt Shed that is 73 feet high and directly faces the exhaust fans of the Holland Tunnel Vent Shaft Building at 597 Canal Street directly across the street from the fauna of Canal Park. The City announced on Friday that they would be spending $275 MM to build this monstrosity (three district garage), $159.69 MM to acquire the land from UPS, $10.25MM to build a salt shed, and $90 MM to remediate the Gansevoort Peninsula and turn it into parkland. This is a total of $534,940,000."
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