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CurbedWire: Bushwick Condos Co-opt Street Art, Another Trump Soho Challenge

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BUSHWICK?Notice the bit of vanishing art from the website of new 15-unit Bushwick development 38 Wilson? Nah, us neither, but a tipster alerts us to the situation. Unlike Banksy, street artist "Imminent Disaster" is apparently not cool with Brooklyn developers co-opting her work to market condos. The back-and-forth between the artist and the project's developer is up on Imminent Disaster's Flickr page. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SOHO?Speaking of imminent disasters, the Soho Alliance's most recent legal challenge to the Trump Soho may have been denied, but according to the group they're not giving up the fight: "We have recently filed a second Letter of Objection at the BSA which could precipitate another years-long legal battle, arguing that the building is overbuilt by thousands of square feet. The Alliance obtained the blue prints from DOB and sent them out to two independent professional plan examiners, telling them to scrutinize them and see what they could find. Independently of each other, they both reported back that it is overbuilt. So, we have applied to the BSA for a hearing to let their experts decide whether it is overbuilt. Now, here is the hook. Our attorney reported this new legal action to the NYS Attorney-General's Office, which has now incorporated it into the Condo Offering Plan. Score one for the NIMBYs!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

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