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Eye-Popping Renderings From Far-Off Neighborhoods!

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[Rendering at left via Curbed Tipster; Rendering at right via Lang Architecture]

What is going on out in the wilds of New York City? Interesting things! A tipster came across a new rendering of One Bennett Park (née Fort Tryon Tower), the 114-unit condo tower in the Hudson Heights section of Washington Heights that caused all sorts of headaches due to heavy rock smashing on quiet Overlook Terrace. Certainly a sleeker design than what had been previously floating out there, but don't dawdle, because also commanding attention is a new 38-room boutique hotel currently under construction in an industrial part of Brooklyn's East New York. According to the Real Deal, the hotel's developer wanted to offer stranded JFK passengers a flashier lodging option. Success! After the jump, a larger look at both buildings.

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