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Curbed PriceChopper: Northside Piers Flirts With a Firesale

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With the second Northside Piers tower rising fast on the Williamsburg waterfront, the nearby Edge providing stiff competition and the rent-to-own thing having perhaps run its course in terms of marketing bang, developer Toll Brothers is relying on an age-old strategy to clear out inventory: pure, uncensored PriceChoppage. While the penthouses and most-expensive units at One Northside Piers were left unharmed, a large crop?over 30 units?are a bloody mess. A quick scan of StreetEasy to survey the wreckage shows reductions up to 25 percent in some cases, including this 11th-floor 3BR unit, marked down to $894,990 from an ask of over $1.2 million. For any cautious Northside Piers observers, dare we say that now is the time to buy?
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Northside Piers

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