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980 Madison Addition (& Visual Aids!) Rejected Again

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[Photo courtesy Matt Chaban/Architect's Newspaper]

Despite new awesomeness from architect Norman Foster?check out the champagne colored cast-metal sunshades made especially for a Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing, for goodness sake?the newly humbled five-story addition (down from 22 stories, of course), to the old gallery building at 980 Madison Avenue has been rejected by the LPC. They think the addition is still too large. "The question is, is it reconcilable with the landmarks law we are required to uphold as well as the precedents we set every week," asked commission chair Robert Tierney at a recent hearing. He didn't appear to state whether he was referring to this precedent, or this one. Politic or smokescreen? Flying by the seat of their pants, or cutting-edge vision for preservation in the 21st Century? Hey, who cares. Tom Wolfe wins!
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980 Madison Avenue

980 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10021