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25 Things about Colonnade Row

It was probably inevitable, but the 25 Things craze popularized on Facebook seems to spreading to real estate. Blogger Colonnade Row writes up 25 Things about, er, Colonnade Row, the famed building just south of Astor Place in Noho (ex: "#1, When it rains, the people on the top floor of my building have to throw a nylon tarp over the front of the building to prevent water from seeping in their windows"; "#12, One night in the early 90's while I was taking out the garbage, I spilled the contents on David Geffen, Calvin Klein, Bianca Jagger, and Diane Von Furstenberg"). Alright, we'll bite: got 25 things to say about your neighborhood or place of residence? Drop a line to and we'll publish our faves. [Colonnade Row]