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Inside the 'New McKibben Lofts'

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"My wife and I live in a former factory on Knickerbocker Avenue in Bushwick," blogs Joshua David Stein. "When we moved in two months ago, we were one of the first tenants in the building. Like pioneers, we had neither heat nor electricity. We built a sod hut and burned old copies of The Nation to stay warm. I read Willa Cather every night by candlelight. But now the apartments are filling up, warrens of cubbyhole-sized drywall rooms are being erected and last night, a truly horrendous loft party was thrown in one of the empty apartments. The techno lasted until 7:30 am. Fucking shit, I realized, we had moved in to the new McKibben Lofts." Click through for more. So much more. [My Memoirs]