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Zany Green Roof Hexagon Scheme Hits Queens

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[Renderings by SO-IL]

With all the talk of green building roofs, it's satisfying to see some of these projects getting, er, in the ground. Case in point is the demonstration roof by Brooklyn designers SO-IL for Garden City Roofs, a new, local-based green roof company. And lo, they have planted their first roof hexagon! The demonstration garden sits atop of a former typewriter ribbon factory just north of Sunnyside Gardens, Queens; each hexagonal plot will showcase a different rooftop garden technology. Topping it off is a boulder-like sales office for Garden City Roofs (and irregular dodecahedron, for the geometry buffs amongst us), again skinned with green roof tech. The best part, of course, is that in the sea of plain Queens roofscapes one sees on the approach to La Guardia, the green in all its geometric splendor should be visible for miles.
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