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BREAKING: New St. Vincent's Hospital Building Approved

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted in October to allow St. Vincent's Hospital to tear down the O'Toole Building along Seventh Avenue near 13th Street, but the LPC still had to decide if the Pei Cobb Freed-designed replacement was up to snuff for the Greenwich Village Historic District. There was a bit of controversy about the elliptical hospital tower design, but the LPC, in an 8-3 vote lacking much of the drama of the "hardship application" vote to demolish O'Toole, has approved the new building. As the centerpiece of the St. Vincent's/Rudin Management hospital redevelopment (mixed with some new luxury condos across the street), the building's approval should indicate that, other than some nips and tucks here and there, the St. Vincent's plan is pretty much a go. Of course, there is still that O'Toole Building lawsuit recently filed by preservationists to sort out.

The St. Vincent's/Rudin Management side has released a statement on the LPC's decision. In it, Bill Rudin says the redevelopment will move ahead despite the city's economic woes:

"With St. Vincent’s now having received the necessary approvals from the Landmarks Preservation Commission for the demolition and design of the new hospital, the Rudin family is excited to continue its work on the responsible development of the residential components of this plan with Chairman Tierney and the LPC. With New Yorkers facing extremely challenging times, the Rudin family is more committed than ever to our partnership with St. Vincent’s; a partnership that will result in a dynamic new residential complex; thousands of jobs for the construction industry; and thousands of New York residents and visitors receiving the healthcare they need and deserve."
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