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In Your Face: Sneak Preview of Cassa NY's Pearly Whites

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[Photos: International Exterior Fabricators]

When Cassa NY, the new condo/hotel sprouting up in Midtown on 45th Street, showed up on our doorstep as a bright and bouncy Development Du Jour, we were pleased with the delivery, but also left wanting more. The one rendering we had of the tower's exterior wasn't quite detailed enough to give us a real idea of how this addition to the Midtown skyline would look. Luckily, the facade contractor building Cassa NY's skin, International Exterior Fabricators (warning: dangerously rocking soundtrack), understood our concerns.

To quench our thirst for knowledge, Nick Mango at IEF snapped some photos of the white composite facade?currently being assembled in the company's massive facility out in Calverton, Long Island?and sent them our way. Best of all, he's promised to send us more production shots of other high-profile FIPs (facades-in-progress), for a series we've just now decided to call In Your Face. But that's neither here nor there for the moment. Behold, Cassa!
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Cassa Hotel & Residence

70 W45th Street, New York, NY 10036