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Curbed International: Prada Transformer Rolls Into Korea

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[Renderings/photos courtesy OMA]

Because it worked so well for Chanel, the Fondazione Prada could not resist building its own mobile pavilion for art, called the Prada Transformer. They used an architect already in their stable, Rem Koolhaas, who we hear is Dutch and has a firm called OMA. You'll remember that the Lagerfeld/Hadid pavilion flamed out, landing in Central Park last year only to see its world tour canceled when it should have been jetting elsewhere. Prada has undoubtedly learned a valuable lesson: do it only if the host city pays up. It looks like Seoul, Korea took the bait... but no one else did. Instead of touring, the pavilion can be rotated to one of its four sides, each of which is perfect for a specific program. And it's already got several awesome videos on its website, so it's just like being there. Secretly, we want to see it rolling across the Great Lawn, taking out a few park benches with it.
· Prada Transformer [Official Site via Racked]