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Coney Island Suggestion Box: More Retail, Less Park

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While Mayor Bloomberg and developer Joe Sitt continue their slapfight over the 10.5 acres of Coney Island land that Sitt owns and Bloomberg wants, Crain's takes a look at the city's Coney Island rezoning plan with an eye on the concerns of the community (remember them?). The local community board is expected to approve the 47-acre redevelopment tomorrow, and though its vote in the public-review process is only advisory, the board's proposed changes could give a window into future issues that may derail the mayor's vision. And there will be proposed changes.

Crain's reports the board may ask the city to reconsider its "Wonder Wheel Way," a new road (pictured) cutting through the amusement district that would link the Cyclone, Wonder Wheel and Parachute Jump. Board members are also skeptical of designating so much territory as parkland (this needs state approval, and Albany hasn't really gone for the mayor's agenda lately), and some want to see more retail included in the rezoning, for some odd reason. A spokesman for the mayor called board's take on the big-box retail and parkland issues "problematic," but an approval is still expected, sending this magical Coney Island adventure on to the borough president's office. Heck, this ride has more bumps than the Cyclone. Maybe they should sell tickets to raise the cash to buy Sitt's land?
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