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In Your Face: HL23 Mock-Up Will Blow Kanye West's Mind

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[Photos via Nick Mango/International Exterior Fabricators]

Architect Neil Denari dazzled the world (and Kanye West!) with his renderings for HL23, 14 stories of glass and stainless steel rising over the High Line on West 23rd Street, but we no longer have to stare at the raw state of the building to get an idea of how the luxury condo building will turn out. Our friends at International Exterior Fabricators, who yesterday launched our new "In Your Face" feature with a revealing look at another facade-in-progress, are working on the pre-fab face of HL23?and have built a mock-up of the building's facade on their Long Island grounds. So take a look at what's soon to grace the corner of 23rd Street and Tenth Avenue, and note the cameo appearance of another shiny bit of steel, 245 Tenth Avenue, in the first photo.
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UPDATE: Neil Denari and friends would like everyone to know that this is a performance mock-up, not a true visual representation. Still, it's a good appeteaser.


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