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New Look at the Incredible Shrinking St. Vincent's Tower

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To grow, St. Vincent's had to shrink. When the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the storied hospital's proposed new medical building in the Greenwich Village Historic District yesterday (the centerpiece of a multi-building hospital/residential redevelopment), it green-lit a slightly smaller version of the Pei Cobb Freed-designed elliptical tower. Originally, the building was 329 feet tall, but that was trimmed down to 299 feet following some initial LPC concerns. The Times now reports that the version approved yesterday was even smaller, at 286 feet, which St. V's will turn into 19 stories of hospital space. Reps for St. Vincent's sent us some refreshed renderings of the Seventh Avenue hospital-to-be, highlighted by the illustration above, which makes the building look slightly bigger than a Lower East Side tenement.
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