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Construction Watch: FLAnk's 385 West 12th Starts to Show

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Despite the tool theft at FLAnk Architects' 385 West 12th Street in the Far West Village, the crew assembling the copper-covered condos is as busy as ever. The panels of horizontal windows flanked by opaque glass with copper transoms were delivered to the site at the end of February, and they've started going up on the oh-so-sunny framework of steel. For now the facade is still dominated by yards of yellow insulation, but that should soon be overtaken by fields of copper. The rest of this little block is bustling, with 397 West 12th all bricked up next door and Robert A.M. Stern's Superior Ink across the way getting some finishing touches. The one sad sight down at this edge of the Village is the gash where Gulf Coast used to hold court on the corner of West Street.
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385 West 12th Street

385 West 12th Street, New York, NY