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Comment of the Day

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"This building is amazing and could be the Forward Building times two. It has far more windows (can you imagine the light these apts would get?) And check out that ridiculous arch on the ground floor - what a unique and unbelievable retail space. Something special will go there one day. Ludlow, Orchard and Essex going down to Canal are heavily gentrifying as we speak, despite the downturn. The blocks north of here (but south of Delancey) are everything that's great about the LES - more or less low rise and quaint, relatively quiet and devoid of frat boys, but with interesting retail. ... Ironic that the Forward Building was built as a socialist 'response' to the bank, which at the time was the only tall building in the area, and it was the Forward that went condo first." [On the Market: LES's Jarmulowsky Bank Back Up for Grabs]