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Meatpacking District Sets Up SHoP in Hoboken

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We're longtime admirers of SHoP Architects' Porter House at Ninth Avenue and 15th Street in the Meatpacking District—but yeesh, so expensive! Luckily, it appears SHoP has designed a knockoff out in Hoboken, a green-themed condo building called Garden Street Lofts where prices start in the mid-$600s. Just like Porter House, the Garden Street Lofts incorporate new construction plopped on an old industrial building, in this case a coconut processing plant(!). This bit of SHoP talk comes via the Archpaper Blog, which writes: "Hoboken! It's like the Meatpacking district, only farther west, and green, and with less expensive cocktails nearby. And the view from the green roof is better (at least until the High Line opens)!"
· Porter House: Hoboken Edition [Archpaper Blog]
· Garden Street Lofts [Official Site]

The Porter House

66 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY