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Development Du Jour: Mason Fisk at 72 Berry

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Location: 72 Berry Street, Williamsburg
Size: 25 units, 5 currently in contract
Prices: 626sqft 1BRs from $425,000; roomier ~1,200sqft 1BRs in the $700s; and a 1,621sqft 2BR with roofdeck for $1.375m
Developer: 72 Berry Street LLC
Architect: Meshberg Group
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran
Lowdown: One of the things we miss most in 2009: clicking through to a new development website for the first time and being greeted with music hand-selected to set the mood for the building. Which is why a tip from a reader that Williamsburg's 72 Berry finally has its fancy new development name posted on its still-shrouded exterior—Mason Fisk—and requisite website with peppy jazz shuffle soundtrack sent us into a tizzy. Units hit the market in late February, and a few have already been primped with small PriceChops; per the brokerbabble, "90% financing available and projected move-in date April-May 2009." Interior finishes look solid, but the amenity we love most is this: six custom-designed wall hallway wall panels created to help "commemorate the rich cultural heritage of the neighborhood." If by "rich cultural heritage," we're talking Marimekko knockoffs, we're on board! (Also of tangential interest, per our tipster, "Wonder what they did with the two homeless guys who were living here all winter?")

Mason Fisk

72 Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York