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A Look at One Madison Park's Pants-Dropping Amenities

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A tipster forwards along a PDF booklet, dated October 2008, providing a complete look at the future amenities spaces inside One Madison Park?the new luxury condo building not afraid to look you dead in the eye and ask, "What market slowdown?" The second-floor (gym, spa, pool) and third-floor (bar/lounge, Club Room, bonkers wine cellar and adjacent "tasting room") spaces will be shared between residents of the new 60-story tower on 23rd Street as well as its sister building, Rem Koolhaas's 23 East 22nd Street. Writes our tipster: "I'm not sure it helps move the $45 million penthouse but that is a cool-ass wine cellar. Although if you can promise co-ed steams with the beautiful people in the renderings, that might move things along a bit." And about the pool. Wow. The pool. Let's just say we never realized how much our lives were lacking Black Absolute Stone until this very moment.
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23 East 22nd Street

23 East 22nd Street, New York, NY

One Madison Park

One Madison Park, New York, NY 10010