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CurbedWire: The Week in 100 Eleventh, A BBP Tax?

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WEST CHELSEA?Will posting a new 100 Eleventh Avenue construction photo become Friday CurbedWire tradition? If the Gods smile upon us, yes. Last week we were up in a helicopter staring at Jean Nouvel's fragmented glassy glory, but this week a tipster puts us back at street level, and more in tune with the surroundings: Frank Gehry and a women's prison. And here's something we hadn't noticed: artist Knox Martin's "Venus" mural on the side of the Bayview Correctional Facility was to be obscured by Nouvel's pricey Vision Machine, and indeed it has. But compare the part visible now with what used to be on the wall. Did Knox add his name to make sure people didn't forget about him? [CurbedWire Inbox]

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS?Mayor Bloomberg wants to take over the construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park and infuse it with city cash, but a tipster writes in to say other city officials may have plans to raise funds for the park: "I heard in an elevator that Daniel Squadron, the new State Senator elected on a platform of fixing the park, has come up with a plan for a tax assessment on the neighborhoods nearby. If Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo want a park, make them pay for it. Funding problem solved! I also heard this plan includes putting a school and a new rec center in the park, even though there are plenty of schools in the area and a new YMCA was recently completed three blocks away." [CurbedWire Inbox]

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