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Home of the Vain

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Daily News real estate scribe Jason Sheftell took a tour of singer/songwriter Carly Simon's cozy Commerce Street duplex?which hit the market at $3.8 million but is now asking $2.75 million?and we're not sure what Carly Simon put in Jason's brownies, but he goes a little gaga for the place: "A gay couple would eat this place up exactly the way it is. Any older couple with an eye for rekindling love should look at it right away. Drew Barrymore or Jennifer Aniston should buy it right now and not change a thing. A couple with one child could live well here forever. The place glows. When your're in it, you hear music. When you look outside, it could be 1850. Bad economy or not, this place is happiness." [NYDN, previously]

46 Commerce Street

46 Commerce Street, New York, NY