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A Word from Our Sponsor: Curbed/EDGE Party Invite!

Ever wish you could get all the entertainment and informational value of Curbed, but in an alcohol-tinged live event format rather than on a screen? And curious to know more about Brooklyn's biggest and most adventurous waterfront living development, the EDGE? Then, boy, do we have news for you: Curbed is throwing its first ever reader party on Thursday, April 2 at the EDGE sales office in Williamsburg. We'll be providing food and drink from local merchants to help grease the wheels while you mingle with Curbed readers and marvel at the ridiculously detailed EDGE building model. The event is invite-only, and we're limited to 150 guests, so if you're interested, please email and let us know you'd like to be on the list. Potential buyers and residential brokers are both welcome in equal measure.

The Edge

4149 18th Street, , CA 94114 Visit Website