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Architectural Landmark, Prime Location, Water Views

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[Photos by Flickr user bitnoots]

Finally, an answer to the ancient Zen koan, How does one move a fragile piece of starchitecture from the Jersey Shore to Long Island? The solution, as expertly captured by the lens of a Flickr user, is to float the sucker up the East River. Architect Robert Venturi's Lieb House, which narrowly escaped the wrecking ball when a couple agreed to pay $1 for the house and $100,000 to relocate it, is in the midst of its two-day, 75-mile journey by barge. This morning the house gently made its way under the Brooklyn Bridge, creating quite the sight for people on both banks of the river. Venturi himself was even reportedly standing by at the South Street Seaport to catch the action. Then he went to Abercrombie to pick up some cargo shorts.
· Venturi’s Lieb House Relocated By Boat [Architectural Record]