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It Happened One Weekend: Glassed-In Residents Revealed!

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1) Hoo-ra! Yesterday saw another appearance of Key, the glossy New York Times real estate section that's now been handily collapsed into the regular old NYT Magazine for your reading convenience! And oh to have been a resident at our beloved One Ten Third or 48 Bond when the photographer came calling to capture the joie de vivre of glassy living one evening! Regarding the image at right of One Ten Third, "The photographer set up lights in a dozen apartments and placed the residents in their windows. In postproduction, she rearranged the windows to form the shape of a key." Click through for more glassy, glassy goodness. [New Glass City/Key]

2) Also in Key: the obligatory Dolly Lenz profile (memo to the editors: really?), which includes this unfortunate Dolly Lenz pose, but lots of good Dolly Lenz quotage. Sample: "It's like my life went from glamorous to hard knocks. And it happened [finger snap] like that." [The Hard Sell/Key]

3) This article confused one of our scholarly friends so much that, at a party on Saturday night, he pulled a copy of it out of his pocket and proceeded to deconstruct it while we waited at the bar for a drink. Upshot: though fewer transactions are closing, people are still making good on condo commitments committed to during frothier economic times. (We think.) Also noted, via obligatory Dolly Lenz quotage: banksare now requiring that 70% of new apartments be sold or in contract before they will issue mortgages in new developments. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

4) Shocking update on the School of Visual Art's plan to rent rooms to non-students in its massive Ludlow Street dorm: no one, as yet, has taken the school up on the offer. Says one official, in what appears to be an actual quote, "Come on. Who wants to be No. 1?" [2 Rms, 1 Bth, Maybe Homework/City Section]

5) Dream apartment stats: 2BR, West Village, $0/month. The Catch: $7,000 in parking tickets. The Post catches up with the longtime resident of the brown Ford Econoline van, lately parked on opposite sides of Clarkson Street, who averages $600 in monthly tickets. Color: "That's the hardest part, finding a bathroom when you need it." [NYPost]