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Grand Street Hotel Getting Mother of All Transfer Beams

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At the lower edge of Soho, passers-by would be wise to wonder what the hell is going on with all the scaffolding that's been stacked up down there. An unending battalion of cement trucks crowding the intersection of Grand and Sixth Avenue offers an answer to the riddle. The gang from BCRE is building a helluva big transfer beam, one so gargantuan it can only be described as Fucking Huge. This beam will support the tower of the Grand Street Hotel rising here. To get the beam built, drivers have been lining up for days, dropping one load after another. Then the guy in the crane hauls the wet stuff up to the top of the big reinforced stilts rising from where the Moondance Diner used to sit. As the messy mix is unloaded up top the concrete crew moves it into the massive forms constructed above the building site. Oh yes, this transfer beam is one big mother, and it has to be to support the weight of 14 floors of guest rooms rising above. Not to mention the bar and pool that will be nestled on top of that. But not to worry. Undoubtedly the stress calculations have been triple checked.
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27 Grand Street, New York, NY