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CurbedWire: Beaver Bashed, Lien Times on Charles Street

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Does William Beaver, the martini-sipping rodent and mascot of the titular House, have a mortal enemy? The above sign, which appeared in the comments of an unrelated Curbed thread, indicates as much. Last time we checked in with the William Beaver House a buyer was upset about the pace of construction on the amenities, so maybe that campaign is getting a bit more aggressive. Love the play on the "The Ultimate Downtown Address" slogan, however. [Curbed comments]

FAR WEST VILLAGE?A Curbed tipster with a fondness for sorting through legal paperwork writes in regarding today's item on the Glass Townhouses at 163 Charles Street: "A lien for nonpayment of common charges was filed earlier this month by the condo against the owner of the 3rd/4th floor duplex (one of the units owned by that Solstice firm). Anyway, the lien is for $1775. Seems that the common charge was due a month prior to the lien being filed...they apparently don't give you much breathing room in the West Village. [CurbedWire Inbox]

William Beaver House

15 William Street, New York, NY 10005