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Cabanas and Piña Coladas Storm Long Island City

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While the Long Island City waterfront has a ways to go before anyone mistakes it for South Beach (the beach is trucked in from Jersey and the waves are off-limits), the Ravel Hotel is hoping that if you squint hard enough, the Queensboro Bridge can look like Gloria Estefan. The Ravel debuted in 2007 promising to inject some glitz and glamour into gentrifying LIC, but while those $350 room rates didn't quite work out (beds can be had this weekend for $200/night), Grub Street reports that the boutique hotel's long-promised Miami-themed rooftop lounge is set to open. What to expect: cabanas, frozen drinks, live D.J.'s and "converted trolley cars" that will shuttle the party people to and from nearby subway stops. Like we said, a ways to go.
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