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Coming to Battery Park: Voyage to Bottom of the Sea

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Because one crazy new architectural contraption for Battery Park just isn't enough nowadays, the Parks Department has announced that construction of SeaGlass?an aquatic-themed carousel on the site of the Battery's original aquarium (which closed in the '40s)?will begin in the fall. Designed by architecture firm weisz + yoes with sea creatures created by mustachioed set designer George Tsypin, SeaGlass is a 46-foot-wide turntable housed in a spiraling "sea shell" lined with 60 "smart glass" panels that will project images of underwater life to riders spinning round and round. And round, and round. Click through the gallery for a preview, but heed this warning: Those kicking off St. Patrick's Day celebrations early might want to steer clear, or at least have a plastic bag handy.
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