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CurbedWire: Soho SizeChopper, Sun Setting on Solstice?

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SOHO?The 2,500-sqaure-foot sixth-floor loft at 347 West Broadway is listed at $2,000,000, which?even with the "bring your architect!" warning?sure does seem like a low price for Soho. But a tipster sees some funny business: Probably a good SizeChopper candidate given that it is listed at a size larger than the building footprint, even before taking into account the stairs, elevator and outside wall thickness. I looked up the building and it's 25x90, so 2,250 sq ft gross. Takeout the elevator and stairs, and you’re probably at 2,000 +/-." [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE?A commenter and a tipster followed up regarding yesterday's CurbedWire item on a lien filed on one of the two condos at 163 Charles Street owned by exclusive vacation club Solstice. Solstice, it turns out, recently filed for bankruptcy protection, and 24 of the club's 95 members have agreed to loan the club money to keep it going. Solstice is planning to sell off some properties around the world to pay off its debt, meaning perhaps that one (or both?) of the Charles Street apartments could soon hit the market, joining the languishing penthouse in the same building.