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Destructoporn: Live From the Milliken Massacre

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Lois Weiss writes in the Post today that demolition at the Milliken Building, the modernist eight-story box across the street from Bryant Park at 1045 Sixth Avenue, is back underway. And how! A tipster with a great view of the carnage sends in the above photos from this morning, adding, "They've been tearing it down slowly for years it seems. It was stalled for a while, with demolition trucks just rusting on the roof. But yesterday, it was back in full swing. They were dumping so much shit it sounded like explosions going off." Milliken, a South Carolina-based chemical and textile manufacturer, has no plans for the site in the near future. Last year Tropolism heard a rumor that a hotel might go up on the property, but given market conditions, Midtowners can probably expect a big hole in the ground until the next upswing.
· White Elephant Faces Its Demise [NYPost]