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Tribeca's Glass Atelier Not Entirely See-Through

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[Renderings courtesy Joseph Pell Lombardi Architect]

So far we've only seen architect Joseph Pell Lombardi's Glass Atelier via renderings presented at various meetings and reprinted in community papers. Surely a Tribeca building outfitted in all glass?including the bricks?deserves better, and so the architect did us a solid and sent over some more looks at the project. While a few of the renderings and model photos show the side wall of the building as glass brick, it appears as traditional non-translucent masonry in the street view rendering (the same as the pre-stripped look of the Greenwich Street building getting glassed). That's how it'll appear in the end product as well, because according to Lombardi that wall is too difficult to fireproof as glass block. As for the rest of the building, the filtery-light thing going on with the glass brick is definitely a unique take on the solid masonry fronts of many of the buildings in this part of Tribeca.
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403 Greenwich Street

403 Greenwich Street, New York, NY