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CurbedWire: Cheerleaders! Fires! It's March Madness, Baby!

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CHELSEAISH?Long-suffering 14th Street condo building The Prime had carolers during the Holiday season to attract some attention, and for March Madness, well, we think you get the idea. And yes, the press release did say that The Prime is "a slam dunk for any buyer!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE?Speaking of March Madness, hopefully you didn't ditch work to take in the day's action at Avenue B sports bar Croxley Ales. A tipster sent along photos of a blaze that broke out above the bar and writes, "It appears that no one was hurt i the 4 alarm blaze thanks to the Fire Department's speedy response (they were on the scene within 4 minutes). I have no idea how the blaze started but would be curious to know if someone out in TV land has some details." Maybe an angry gambler setting fire to a busted bracket? [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY?When will the Gossip Girl-does-Long Island City episode air? The show previously did some filming in one of the EastCoast buildings along the waterfront, and now a tipster writes that the show has come back for more: "Goss Girl was taping at the east coast building (the one across the street from the view) last week." And when it does finally air, they'll probably say it's Williamsburg. [CurbedWire Inbox]