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On the Racked: Noho's Smile, Chelsea Vitamins, And More!

The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Noho: Just a few steps down from the glory that is 40 Bond, here's the intriguing new general store/cafe/tattoo parlor Smile that's found down a flight of stairs at 26 Bond Street. Click through for the photogallery, which captures the whimsy of this store in a way only words could if we just started typing random consonants.

2) Soho: Today's the day that Uniqlo's debuting two new collaborations: one from all-American designer Steven Alan, and a line of menswear from the superhipsters at Opening Ceremony. Racked's on the scene blogging up the finds; step lively for hot $39.50 action!

3) Chelsea: At Sixth Avenue and 21st Street (in what appears to our wandering eyes to be the O'Neill Building), there's a Vitamin Shoppe on the way!

4) West Village: On Marc Jacobs' private stretch of Bleecker Street, he's decided that his store windows shall feature a transportation theme this spring. Ride, Marc, ride!

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