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Noise Wars Update: Cooper Square Hotel Moves Outdoors

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Back in 2007, residents in the vicinity of Bowery and East 5th took to the streets to protest the Cooper Square Hotel's audacious nightlife plans, which residents feared might disrupt the quietude of their leafy, treelined brownstone block (the fact that the hotel was already well under construction at that time notwithstanding). To those folks, we say, brace. Yesterday, we tagged along with our compadres at Eater for a tour of what the hotel is readying for its outdoor spaces, and, well, yeah.

It appears there's likely to be a fair amount of activity on the East 5th Street side. First up, there's a canopy leading to a keyed entrance for hotel guests that's currently under construction. But there's also likely to be an entrance to/from the ground-floor outdoor space that fronts Table 8, the hotel's sizable restaurant, prepping for opening in May. In that back garden area, there's a stairway that leads to the second floor, where amongst the neighborhood brownstones, there's going to be quite the cocktail patio (the hotel's bar on the second floor opens directly onto it).

Now, the hotel management has shown they're well aware of neighbors' noise complaints, and we doubt they'll let the party rage here all night. Still, we'll be tracking the decibel level closely as spring arrives with the party crew.
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