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UPDATE: Beekman Tower to Have 50% Less Frank Gehry?

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This morning we mentioned rumors of cost concerns and halted construction at the Forest City Ratner-developed, Frank Gehry-designed Beekman Tower in the Financial District, and now WNYC has a small report up on the 76-story luxury rental tower. The shocking new piece of intel: "This week, shortly after the structural concrete reached the 38th floor, the developer received a building permit that treats the top of the current structure as a roof." And to think, we were just mocking Las Vegas for its half-size starchitecture! The report notes that a final decision hasn't been made on the building, seen above at what might end up being its final height.

UPDATE: The Tribeca Trib reports that the "roof" referenced in the permit is "actually the first of three setbacks included in the building's design, not the proposed top of the tower."

Ratner was allowed to build taller because of the school planned for the building's base. If the Beekman gets cut in half, will FiDi's youngsters be left out in the cold?
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