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Judge Greenlights Brooklyn Jail, But Hold the Retail

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A judge has ruled that the Brooklyn House of Detention can re-open to overnight guests, something the 11-story prison at Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street hasn't had since 2003. However, the city's $400+ million plan to double the size of the prison and add some shopping options at street-level?a topic that gives us endless fascination?will have to undergo lengthy public environmental and land-use reviews. For neighbors who fought the Jail With Retail, it's a split decision. While they didn't want the House of Detention back up-and-running at all (a threat to Downtown Brooklyn and Boerum Hill gentrification!), they at least managed to avoid the immediate fate of a prison twice as large. The Department of Correction indicated it will repopulate the 759-bed jail soon, the Brooklyn Paper reports, but expect the public-review process for the expansion to be uglier than a prison yard riot.
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