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Curbed International: Steven Holl Follows the Sun to China

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[Renderings by Steven Holl Architects]

New York-based Steven Holl Architects, very experienced in the art of designing Chinese megabuildings, have won a competition to design the master plan for the Futian business district in Shenzhen, China. The project includes four towers and a massive green roof that will use recycled greywater from the skyscrapers. Here in New York we build little hexagons of green on the roof; in China, they get acres running up, around and over. Oh, and then there's this:

Steven Holl Architects' competition design for the four towers as Shade Machine utilizes circular building footprints to maximize the interior space and open views while minimizing the exterior envelope.
Yes, a totally inefficient office tower floor plate has been revived in 2009! But for good cause: The circular towers allow for motorized perforated solar panels to track the sun, thereby generating energy for the complex. Zira Island, you are officially on notice: Steven Holl is coming for your carbon neutral mantle.
· Steven Holl wins in Shenzhen [WAN]