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Schumer Wants Moynihan Station Stimulated Back to Life

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The flow of federal stimulus funds into the state is expected to give the Fulton Transit Center the kick in the rear it needs to finally get its oculus on, and now Senator Chuck Schumer wants some cash for another stalled transit megaproject: Moynihan Station. The complete overhaul of Penn Station and the Farley Post Office into a grand hub with a new Madison Square Garden and six new office towers is no longer the goal: Schumer wants $100 million for the stripped-down plan of merely converting Farley into a train station to reduce Penn Station congestion (the $100 million would come from the portion of the stimulus package set aside for rail service, not from the state's kitty). Unlike the previous plan, which called for NJ Transit and the Long Island Rail Road to move to Farley, Schumer says Amtrak should move across the street. He's also calling on the Port Authority to invest $1 billion and take control of Moynihan, a sore point in the past. Will $100 million be enough to accomplish anything? Bigger question: Will they still sell beer on the platforms?
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