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CurbedWire: Special All-Facade Edition!

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Got a tip, concept, dream, rumor, or anything else we should know about? Emails to are always encouraged, and always anonymous. Thanks.

WEST CHELSEA—As has become an official Friday afternoon tradition, we offer the latest in bespoke facade work at the Jean Nouvel-designed condo development 100 Eleventh. Writes a tipster, "The panoramic shot has interesting lighting, and the facade is looking quite good. BTW, you are correct that Knox added his name on the mural. He snuck on site one Saturday morning, and painting his name (back in February 2008 I believe)." On top of all that, don't miss the special picture (in the gallery above) snagged by another tipster driving up the West Side Highway. Magic. [CurbedWire Inbox]

THE BOWERY—Our other favorite facade of the moment is, of course, architect Thomas Mayne's undulating goodness at the new Cooper Union building near Astor Place. Emails a tipster, "They've started putting fogged glass over the building's stairwell." After the jump, a picture of that action for your weekending pleasure.