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Long Island City's Powerhouse, Now Yours To Rent

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When last we checked in with the Hot Karl Fischer-designed residential makeover of The Powerhouse in Long Island City, the month was December; the building had just received its temporary certificate of occupancy; and first closings were scheduled for January. Today, comes an email from a tipster touting... rentals! Studios from $1,950! 1brs from $2300! 2brs from $2,785! Convertible 3brs from $3,600! Convertible 4brs from $4,640!

We called the phone number on the rental pitch, and a very pleasant woman told us that the building wasn't going rental. Rather, "A private owner who has bought a certain amount of units is renting them." Must have been quite the ambitious buyer!

We put a call into the Powerhouse Sales Office itself earlier today, but as yet, our message has gone unreturned. We'll update as we know more.

Meantime, here's the rental pitch making the rounds:

Act quickly before that friendly wealthy benefactor rents 'em all!
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