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Appreciating the Botchjob That is Astoria's Pistilli Riverview

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As a special Friday treat, we take you now to Astoria, where we're inside new development Pistilli Riverview East, a building constructed from the shell of the former Eagle Electric Company factory. We're hear because of the hilarious rant about the place published on BrokerTales, from which we'll now just start quoting: "Hallways go in sort of an incomplete circle pattern, with dead-ends, huge empty corners, and areas size of a small apartment just wasted. COUNTLESS corners and nooks, and semi-rooms just left unutilized. There are two exits from the elevator, and some floors have these open rooms (play rooms?) that contain no furniture and are not marked. All this, with no signs helping you navigate through the maze... I could not find my way out on two occasions, and finally ended up in the lobby through some side entrance that swings like a saloon door." And that's just a taste; read on for more, should you dare.
· The Oddity That Is Pistilli Riverview East Co-Op [BrokerTales]