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Oh, Enrique #1: 580 Carroll Brings Starchitecture to G-Slope

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Mexican starchitect Enrique Norten has been a busy man! Today we've got news of not one but two, count 'em, two new Norten projects in New York City, beginning with the building seen here, 580 Carroll Street. That's right, friends: it's Enrique in the G-Slope, a development foreshadowed last year but now fully revealed. Per the press materials, we're talking five stories and 30,000 square feet of condos (17 units in total), with the building separated from Carroll Street by a "shaded garden." And hasn't the neighborhood always longed for this sort of Miami retirement-community vibe?

From the press materials:

Introducing an element of country living to its urban site, the project ensures a quiet, authentic neighborhood experience, from the wooden boardwalk leading to its main entrance to its brownstone and garden views. Its two main volumes consist of poured-in-place concrete structures oriented toward the garden and toward the center of Park Slope. Each unit offers a unique outdoor space that emphasizes the apartments’ eating and cooking spaces and establishes a clean-lined framework.
Snazzy! And the Brooklyn Eagle has even more on the project, including this gem quote sizing the building up as "a bridge between the more industrial Gowanus neighborhood to the east and the heart of Park Slope's Brownstone Brooklyn to the west." Ladies and gentlemen, yooooour G-Slope!
· Enrique Norten Designs Project in Park Slope [Brooklyn Eagle]

580 Carroll St

580 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215