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Corcoran's Hamptons Summer Rental Expo Huge on Twitter

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Last night, Corcoran threw the doors of its corporate headquarters at 660 Madison Avenue open to—gasp!—the general public, all in the name of helping the good people of New York City rent a cottage in the Hamptons this summer. We stopped by the confab, where Wolffer wines were flowing and a gigantic gaggle of brokers ringed a raw space, showing off the best of their unrented best. Now, don't get us wrong: the crowd turnout wasn't at all unimpressive (call it a few hundred people), and we're delighted that Corcoran has taken the gutsy leap to communicate with its audience directly on Twitter. But judging by the firm's Twitter feed—which currently has 79 followers—last night's event might well have been the greatest event of our lives.

And that's not all! Do click through to experience the full excitement. And for goodness' sake, if you're on Twitter, follow them already. People are dying for this.
· Corcoran Group Twitter Feed [Twitter]