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Broome Street Loft Renovation Spawns Stair Of Danger!

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[Images courtesy Diana Kellogg Architects]

While yesterday's New York Times profile on the Broome Street loft renovation of one Mr. Billy Morrissette offered the usual boomtime nostalgia—screenwriter, actor, guy with lots of time on his hand renovates himself a totally bohemian and authentic Soho loft—it did leave us with one troubling touch: the Stair of Danger!

Here, at right, we attend the Stair of Danger, missing most of its side guard rail and with open treads. It's the boom-times's version of konstruction kraziness. Oh, and props to architect Diana Kellogg for saying "wenge wood problem" in print. Missing guardrail aside, you're an instant Curbed folk hero.

Meantime, broker Sandy Mattingly brings up another good point: "'Gutted to its floor joists and beams, it took just five months to build, and cost $320,000.' For a loft reported as 2,000 square feet, that is a mere $160/ft! I bet Diana Kellogg's phone is ringing off the hook."
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