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Construction Watch: Son of THOR Rising on Lower East Side

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With the exception of Bond Street and, well, every block in West Chelsea, the one-block stretch of Norfolk Street between Rivington and Delancey might be NYC's most interesting architectural laboratory of the past few years. Now, alongside the glory that is BLUE and the zany zigzaginess of the Switch Building is rising another creation: the glass-atriumed-to-be shell of 115 Norfolk Street, a building by young architects Grzywinski Pons, the very same folks who brought the neighborhood the towering glassy glory of The Hotel on Rivington. A building we call Son of THOR.

At this point, construction has only reached two stories, but this baby is going seven stories up—no THOR, to be sure, but a nice complement to the other hot architectural action down the block. (More details in our post on the place from about a year back.) Plus, the view from the atrium at Schillers will now be that much more pleasant, eh?
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