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CurbedWire: Avenue B's Copper Branded, Chumley's SWO'd

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EAST VILLAGE?The apartment building springing up at the corner of Avenue B and 13th Street, recently outed as the Copper Building, finally has some on-site signage. Looks like the plan is still condos, with sales being handled by Elliman's Hoffman + Meier group. Listings for the eight-story building aren't yet online. [CurbedWire Staff]

WEST VILLAGE?There has been too much good news coming out of the reconstruction of iconic speakeasy Chumley's lately, and finally an e-mail comes along to rain on the parade. A tipster writes: "I walked by Chumley's today and noticed a stop work order posted all over the wood gates that have been there for too long. Great to see that the roof is going up and am hoping this isn't another setback." Setback indeed, though hopefully a minor one. According to the DOB's website, the stop work order was issued for hazardous conditions at the site. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Copper Building

215 Avenue B, New York, NY