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Channel Your Inner Schrager and Name This Boutique Hotel!

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The Madison Hotel, a sliver of an inn at Madison Avenue and 27th Street, is scheduled to reopen this summer following an extensive renovation. That's probably a good thing, because here's a selection of headlines accompanying the hotel's TripAdvisor reviews: "Horror," "Worst hotel ever encountered," "Dingy" and the very understated "Do Not Stay Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But it's not just the hotel's guts that are getting upgraded. Desires Hotels, the company in charge, is currently conducting a public vote to decide on the 72-room hotel's new name and logo. The choices, presented above, are all very hip and boutique-y (Madison Avenue = MAve, get it?), but what about honoring the hotel's past? Luckily, the Madison Hotel's old website is still active, so we paired each potential name with photos from the soon-to-be-forgotten days. Happy voting!
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