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Curbed PriceChopper: Park Avenue Duplex Down 51%

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Last week, we inaugurated the PriceChopper Hall of Fame with own Babe Ruth: a Tribeca listing that's dropped 67% from its original list price in the past year. Today, a reader points us to another seriously 'chopped spot: this four-bedroom duplex in Carnegie Hill that's asking $1.4 million—down $400,000 as of just three days ago, and down $1.35m million from its original $2.75m ask. Which leads to the question we've been debating at Curbed HQ: just how big a drop should earn an apartment a coveted place in the PriceChopper Hall of Fame? We're leaning towards anything over 50%, which would let this one slip in, Jim Rice-style, but your thoughts on this crucial topic are welcomed.
· Listing: 1165 Park Avenue [Brown Harris Stevens]
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