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Ask Curbed: Fun With Urban Farming

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It's another installment of Ask Curbed, the feature in which you both ask—and, in the comments, answer!—each other's questions. Got a question of your own? Send it along to

Today, with the weather warming (sort of), and dreams of spring in the air, we're getting a wee bit entrepreneurial at Ask Curbed. Emails a reader:

Long story short, I'm a farmer-turned designer-turning back to farming. I'm planning on building up an urban farming system that's "scalable" and looking for urban lots upon which to call "home" for the business. The catch? The system is container based, self-contained, eco-sensitive (60% less water) and modular, so I can grown on top of brownfields, empty paved lots, etc... The trick is that I'd like to scale this beyond rooftops and back yards. So, was wondering if you have any leads or suggestions on how to hook up with owners or city hall to negotiate exchanges or low low rents on these currently unused sites?Our questioner adds that "it's a social business so while there will be revenue coming in on some sales, there will be food give-back programs, educational programs, and with scale, green jobs created to support the business." Sounds enjoyable. Now, how might one make this green dream come alive? And while we're hear, anyone have other urban farming resources they'd like to share?
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