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High Line Construction Chronicles: The First Bloom

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[Photos: Will Femia]

Sick of staring at the budding beauty of the High Line via gorgeous photos posted on the High Line Blog, we begged/pleaded/harassed Friends of the High Line until they agreed to give us a walkthrough of the rails-turned-park. It turns out FHL's pictures are pretty because the High Line?even unfinished, plants not yet green, on a cloudy day?is stunning. The section slated for a June opening, from 20th Street down to Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District, takes visitors through a breathtaking sequence of urban spaces, some of which weren't around when the park was designed. The High Line works as a promenade, but also provides areas where people can go and just sit, the way they do in any park?so it's sure to have repeat users. And surprisingly, the park felt spacious at all points. In short, we can't wait for summer.
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